Dear Reader,

Praying that 2018 is filled with blessings for my readers!

I hope your holidays were blessed and joyful.​

Christmas is a lovely time of year. The celebration of Christ's birth is a joyous time for our family, and I'm happy to share our traditions with you. My thanks to those of you who have let me know that you've used and enjoyed our traditional Christmas reading, which is taken from Scripture and broken into parts. We did this long ago so our children could each take a turn reading. The reading will be posted here for your use again this year.

The new year brings hope and freshness to our lives. I'm not one for New Years resolutions, but my goal was to have a new website up before the middle of January, and here we are.

May 2018 bring countless blessings your way.

My readers are always blessings to me, and I thank you.


About the artwork on this page...

Christ Rising
a  2' x 4' painting
black ink on white canvas
by artist
James E Rather