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 a Love Inspired novella

Rancher and carpenter Dixon Lyons is looking forward to a quiet holiday season celebrated with his father and stepfamily. Then he arrives home one December evening to find his estranged mother there with a baby and beautiful young Fawn Ambor.

Fawn is not just beautiful, she is caring, generous, and quietly competent, but she's his mother's biggest cheerleader. Despite his faith, Dixon has a difficult time reconciling the wild, partying mother of his past with the pale, ailing, selfless woman she now appears to be, but Fawn slowly, carefully helps him understand the reasons behind his mother's former behavior.

With understanding comes forgiveness and a growing love, but it also brings great responsibility.  Dixon just isn't sure he's ready--until it's too late. Or is it?

Will God give Dixon one more Christmas gift?

Book 4 in the HOBBY RUN series

At 6'6" and 300 pounds, Charlie Biggs lives up to his name. He's a musical genius who has crafted a successful career as a songwriter, but what truly drives Charlie is his faith. His faith and his resolve are tested when he winds up providing care and housing for the injured survivor of a car wreck. But can this gorgeous, endearing woman possibly be who she says she is? Her connection to his past seems entirely too coincidental. Still, Charlie's not the sort to turn away an injured woman.

Paige Hampton IS the sort to bilk a generous man out of his money, especially when she has no choice--until she falls for Charlie and his Lord. The purest love she's ever known drives her to do the only thing she can, though it puts an end to any possibility of a future with Charlie. How could such a good man ever love a common criminal? Even Charlie's heart isn't that big. Then again, all things are possible with God.
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beginning in October 2018
From Love Inspired
A new 3-book series set in the tiny town of War Bonnet in south central Oklahoma.

Three brothers escape tragedy by returning to Loco Man Ranch, where they spent many happy summers as boys, only to find that difficulty follows them.
Wyatt, Jake, and Ryder are a family, along with young nephew, Frankie, and they aren't about to give up in the face of adversity.
Standing in faith, each of them meets his own challenge and reaps his own blessings.
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Honor's Love Song
cover by
Melyssa Naujoks